Spy Pen Camera Video Recording Supportable With Photo & Audio

The new product its a mini HD spy pen camera let’s see what we get inside first of all this is spy pen and another one is user manual user manual you can easily see like what we are how to setup this camera and how to connect this camera video system and all that things so immediately what I will do I’m just going  first of all you can see it’s on/off button like you can easily turnoff and turn on the device this one is for like LED indicator if you can see just recording mode is on it’s taking the picture or not this one is for reset like if you want to reset this pen you can just use the any kind of being something or you can just you have to just inside it and you can hear some noise like yeah for approximately like 5 to 10 second and it will be set for the mic mic is over hermit’s inside then and if you can see of the front itself HD camera.

Mini USB Port:

It’s a mini USB port in v1 if you want to just charge this device you can charge it over here and you can also connect this direct mature PC or laptop through the data cable and and again you can see here is once wrote a new one it’s a micro SD slow q1 you can use up to 32gb micro SD card and for the front part you can see like you can just turn it around and you can usually use the sine of this pan now just insert the SD card just fix it okay this place it for three seconds and this pen will be turning on and you will see one green light you cans eel they’ve not green like this one and when is now on like if you want to take if you want to take the picture just praise if only one times one time and they will take the picture you can see it’s blink and just it take the picture now if you want to record anything like then you are booked.

This button like three seconds up to thirty seconds and then it will blink the LED will blink now you can see it’s blinking and recording it in a recording you start so it is now it’s shooting more so like if you want to record anything you can just write or it now if you want to save this recording just press it only one time and you can see their enemies likes table so it’s all record solid and I quote the oil things whichever you want to record so basically you can if you want to spy anything like then you can ease in like this demise in your pocket and you can easily record anything need an activity so it is very useful if you want to record anything like if you want to record any conference or meeting or something which are very confidential then you can easily record.

Pocket Camera HD:

To eye on the world pocket camera 1080p video quality and it’s kind of secret camera so to show you the product it’s an unbranded product and we cannot find it from shop so I got it online so let’s open and see what is inside so guys we have here pocket camera this is the pocket camera and we have user manual and charging cable so guys let’s see how it works and first of all we will seethe user manual for the information before videos so this is T 1 8 9 HD a1080p operation instruction you guys can see these pictures are showing all the features in this product you guys you can see all those mentioned button that they have explained what we can do from those buttons so as we can see we have to install SD card mini SD card before we be use the camera and as you guys can see all the information’s are here how to use 720 quality video 1080 quality video and how you take the picture and also TV output down the information.

Lens Protector:

Proper charging or you have to to keep connecting to the power supply by power bank or some how so as for the information we can see there is a lens protector this is a cover that we can open once you open you guys can see the lens open and close so this is the camera lens and this is the on or off button and we can open this cover here so we can see here we can install this SD card and the charging point this is charging cable is for charging the device and connecting to the computer and as well as TV in single cable it’s kind of three in one cable you guys can connect to the TV screen directly you can watch or any of your videos or pictures so first of all we will install SD card I have 16 GB SD card so we will install SD card here then we can see the function of the camera without SD card.

It will not work so we install this SD card close the cover so first of all switch on the power once you press the power button for a while you guys can see the blue light will keep continuously that’s means it’s power on as you can see the blue light stop that device is switch on if you did not use for one minute it will switch at down automatically device will shut down automatically so if you want to take 720 quality video just press the power button again the blue light will blink and go off check that now already did u see720 quality videos are running the thing is you cannot see what’s happening which angle you can shoot so this is kind of secret camera cannot see what’s going on until we connect to the computer.

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